Carpets offer not only the important functional comforts of sound insulation and thermal insulation but also a fairly easy routine cleaning. They contribute to a harmonious overall radiance of your rooms and show prestige. But even regular vacuuming reached its limits in the long run to get the fresh impression of the first day. Whether dirt, food and beverage stains, house dust, mites and other unsanitary residues are deposited in the depth of the fibers and charge appearance and value of your textile floor covering. Particularly for allergy sufferers is also a healthy indoor environment important to be able to breathe again.

rt_rotwein113x150The choice of the cleaning process for your carpeted floor depends on various conditions as well as for carpets and upholstery. Here, in addition to type of fiber coating and color, production and support layer, laying, underbody and pollution degree the time spent inclusive drying time is important.

As modern cleaning specialist, we offer everyone the best carpet cleaning methods. For your carpet‘s stain removal or removal of caved areas we shampoo, spray extract, pad clean or, in special cases, use cleaning powder. After the most thorough cleaning the carpet is protected from attacks by microorganisms and small insects and if desired antistatic.

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