A beautiful carpet provides many features. It dampens noise, provides insulation, and is the icing on the cake in your lovely home. Proved by its popularity over centuries – European style carpets, Oriental carpets, rugs and tapestries.

rt_pazyrykfull_113x150In many countries and regions of the world carpets and rugs are either knotted, woven, knitted or tufted. The corresponding materials, colours, ornaments and forms show their origin they’re often named after. Modern geometric patterns, motives or company logos often refer to European countries. Beside other home textiles the carpet is an inherent part for the home and thus an expression of your personal style.

With passion and a view for details we treat your property with respect and ensure their endurance. Please use our professional knowledge and skills that also includes environment-friendly cleaning procedures to the highest standards. Our friendly consulting service is available for you completely free of charge – if you have any questions about carpet cleaning you can trust our expertise. Further services you can find here.

This picture shows the oldest almost fully conserved carpet. It’s from the 5th century B.C. The “Pazyryk”-carpet was found in the grave-chamber of a Skythian prince in Siberia and already showed all criteria of the classic oriental carpet.

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