rt_trep113x150Behind the carpet repair and carpet restoration – carpet restoration is actually the correct term – is a very interesting and challenging craft.
The claim of our carpet workshop is that you can hardly distinguish between old and new. To mend past posts, moth holes, burn holes, frayed edges or other damage to your carpet and rug there is extensive expertise in the many different carpets needed. Anatolian, Caucasian, Turkmen, Chinese carpets, to name but a few, have different wool quality and color palettes. Specific knowledge of knotting, weaving and knitting in addition to many years of experience and attention to detail are a further basis for the success of our masterful work.

rt_garne_113x150Carpet restoration includes the preservation of the valuable historical carpet and also the reconstruction of damaged and sensitive complementary roles in consultation with the owner. An individual approach will be drawn up in advance which partly also includes arrangements for the future use.

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