Polsterreinigung live erleben

RT_Polster113x150Upholstery, upholstered chairs, reading chairs, sofas and complete upholstered furniture are used very much over the years. Even on a good upholstery fabric visible traces of use show in the head area of the backrest and the armrests. As well as carpets and rugs upholstery holds dust and is an ideal breeding ground for mites and pathogens. For a healthy indoor climate, especially for allergy sufferers, a periodic cleaning is highly recommended.

Stains can be tricky

Spots always remind you of little accidents or mishaps, make textiles so unsightly and reduce the well-being. The Ñspots-first-aidì is important but sometimes it is not enough. Then a professional upholstery cleaning is the cheap alternative to a new purchase.

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