Upholstery cleaning, how does it work?

Your armchair, sofa, or the whole furniture checks in.

Your furniture is carefully logged and recorded upon pick up to ensure a smooth check in. With free collection and delivery service it goes to the operating establishment in Roth. 
After the check-in of your furniture the upholstery is thoroughly dusted by an ultrasonic pistol.

Pre-treatment stain removal

Then it will pretreated. The spot detection and picking the right stain remover, taking into account interactions with the respective fiber and coloring, have a direct impact on the result of the purification.

The basic upholstery cleaning

After this pretreatment the basic cleaning follows. The cushions are shampooed. With the professional spray extraction, the dissolved dirt can then be rinsed under pressure. In the low-temperature drying room the furniture dries for 24 hours. After completion of quality control, according to the cover material, such as Suede, we brush and finish. All upholstery fabrics are now dirt-repellent. The thermic fixation takes place at 38 degrees in the drying room. Wooden parts, such as for example arms or feet, will be polished professionally. After final inspection the furniture is packed and transported to you – cost-free.

Upholstery Repair

Further repairs to upholstery fabric, upholstery or the woodwork, we offer after consultation.

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